"The Ceilometer project, which delivers unified metering to OpenStack, has greatly benefited from Upstream University as we had 2 of the University students become contributors of our project integrating themselves seamlessly into our processes. We love to run an open community but the first step to join our group can be high as we have complex processes to learn before you can start contributing. Upstream University took care of leveling that first step brilliantly."

Nicolas Barcet,
Ceilometer Project Lead

"I found the training very valuable and I can say that I would have more problems engaging with the community without your help. The individual sessions after the class were the key to help with communications, ideas on IIRC, mails, assessing the ways to talk to community. Your constant encouragement and your attention to detail and giving specific help (not just generic advice) improved my contribution skills.

The value for my organization is that I'm now definitely engaged with the autotest community and submitted several patches that were accepted. I made friends with two key contributors and sketched out work that will build on the autotest project and will directly benefit my organization, cutting on development time."

Julius Gawlas, a new autotest contributor coached by Upstream University

"I am really glad to see that something like this is out there. (...) [The student's] code contributions have improved dramatically. His early commits to the project were sometimes not fully functional and a little confusing. His latest commits have been really easy to read, digest, and test. Part of this is because he has been actively seeking feedback and even following my own coding style.

He has also been relentless about following up and asking for the status of his patches. This is __massively__ helpful for me to ensure that I can provide timely feedback and get things merged before master starts to diverge too much."

Dan Bode,
Puppet Labs Project Lead

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