April enterprise Camp on innovation

Jan. 4, 2013, 7:36 a.m.
Meet Upstream University during the April enterprise Camp on innovation, January 24th, 2013, in Paris. Loïc Dachary will explain how to better approach Free Software contributions and tell success stories of linux kernel and OpenStack developers.

The presentation will be given as a short introduction to Upstream University. People interested in further discussing the topic throughout the day will be invited to explore all aspects of upstream contribution and how they apply to their specific use cases. To get things started, a role playing session will be proposed with the following openings.

"You started to work on a patch a few weeks ago. It is assigned to you in the bug tracker but you haven't talked to upstream for a while. The patch is getting bigger than you expected and you know you should get advice. As soon as you've figured out a few more details and polish the patch, you'll start the discussion. Although you know you should not procrastinate. But there are good reasons to. But you should not..."

"There's been an intense flamewar about this feature. Looking back it seems you may have overreacted and things got a little out of hand. If you had the time, you would fork and establish a much better technical base. But you're stuck with this upstream author and it's time to come to better terms"

"Management asks you for an urgent feature, with a hard deadline. After discussing during a few hours with upstream, you can't find the proper way to implement it. The only solution seems to create a hack that is orthogonal to the roadmap of the project. It's not the first time and not the last: are you doomed to create short lived forks that prevent you from contributing anything useful to the project ?"

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