OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta
The OpenStack Foundation is delivering a training program to accelerate the speed at which new OpenStack developers are successful at integrating their own roadmap into that of the OpenStack project. If you’re a new OpenStack contributor or plan on becoming one soon, you should sign up for the next OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta, May 10-11. Participation is strongly advised also for first time participants to OpenStack Design Summit.
Upun at the Open World Forum 2013
On Friday, October 4th 2013, Loic Dachary and Xavier Antoviaque will be presenting and discussing Upstream University at the Open World Forum.
University courses - Free Software Engineering (I2L) & IUT Blagnac
For the second year in a row, the Upstream University training will be part of the Free Software Engineering course (I2L) at the Université du Littoral (Calais, France), and for the first time at the IUT Blagnac as part of the Master ICE at the Université Toulouse 2 (Toulouse, France).
OSCON & Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre
Loic Dachary was presenting Upstream University during the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre in Brussels, and at the OSCON in Portland.
OpenStack Summit April 2013 Talk
Loic Dachary will be speaking about contributing to OpenStack and Upstream University on Monday, April 15, during 2013's first Openstack Summit.
Opensource.com interviews Loic Dachary
Opensource.com has posted an interview with Loïc Dachary, our president. Check it out!
LibrePlanet software freedom conference announces line-up
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the line-up for its upcoming LibrePlanet 2013 conference, to be held in Cambridge, MA at the Harvard Science Center on March 23-24.
Upstream University at the OpenStack summit
To celebrate its first year, Upstream University is organizing a session in advance of the next OpenStack summit, in Portland. If you can fly in two days ahead of the event to spend the weekend improving your OpenStack contribution skills, please consider submitting an application to attend the workshop. This a one-time offer for free training.
Upstream University at FOSDEM
Upstream University will be at FOSDEM 2013. If you would like to better understand how the training can improve your contribution skills, Loïc Dachary will be available on sunday Morning. We would also be happy to hear about innovative ways to improve contributions, new tricks etc. If you're willing to share your experience, please get in touch with us either at contact@upstream-university.org or on irc.freenode.net#upstream-university
April enterprise Camp on innovation
Meet Upstream University during the April enterprise Camp on innovation, January 24th, 2013, in Paris. Loïc Dachary will explain how to better approach Free Software contributions and tell success stories of linux kernel and OpenStack developers.
Registrations open for free training in January 2013
Upstream University organizes a pro-bono training January 19th & 20th in Paris, ten minutes walk from Notre-Dame. Anyone willing to spend the week-end learning how to better contribute to Free Software projects can register.
Upstream University at OpenStack in Action 3!
On Thursday November 29th, eNovance has organized the 3rd edition of the «OpenStack in action» event in Paris. The day was intense and we had speakers coming from all around the world to talk about OpenStack, including Adolfo Brandes, Executive director of Upstream University.
Upcoming events: November and December 2012
A short list of the important Upstream University events happening until the end of the year.
OpenStack Summit 12.10 Highlights
The last OpenStack Summit was not only Upstream University's first Summit, but the venue of my first full-length talk! It was an important milestone: read on for more details.
Upstream University talk at OpenStack Summit
I'm happy to annouce that we've gotten a speaking slot at the OpenStack Summit! It will be held on Wednesday, October 17th, at 11:50am, at the "Manchester F" room.
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