Upstream University was created in June 2012 by FSF France, with support from Richard Stallman, Karen Sandler, Bradley Kuhn and others, with the express purpose of helping developers become better free software contributors.

Free software is about cooperation: a world where the user contributes to the software he is using. Most developers learn about programming languages, databases: technical skills. But contributing "upstream" is about convincing the author of Libre Office or the Linux kernel to accept your work, a process that is mostly about diplomacy, patience, persistance and kindness, skills we encourage the developer to exercise.


Loïc Dachary

Loïc Dachary is a Free Software developer and activist. He is president of the Free Software Foundation in France.

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman is the founder of the free software movement, and lead developer of the GNU operating system.

Dave Neary

Dave Neary is Community gardener at Red Hat, board member of the Yorba Foundation and COSM, former board member of the GNOME Foundation.

Frederic Couchet

Frederic Couchet is a Free Software activist, founder and executive director of April, an association which promotes and defends Free Software in France and Europe.

Rodolphe Quiédeville

Rodolphe Quiédeville is a Free Software specialist, Lolix founder, and contributor to OpenStreetmap.

Alexis Monville

Alexis Monville, founding partner of Ayeba, specialized in agile coaching and training. Alexis was the France official representative for European Union IDABC FOSS Expert Group and former board member of April.

Xavier Antoviaque

Xavier Antoviaque is a Free Software developer, founder and CEO of Farsides, a Free Software game studio.

Olivier Lejade

A wild game designer at heart, Olivier is the founder of indie game studio Mekensleep and a Free Software enthusiast.

Karen Sandler

Karen Sandler is the Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, officer of the Software Freedom Conservancy, pro bono general counsel of QCO, pro bono counsel to SFLC, and an advisor of the Ada Initiative.

Bradley Kuhn

Bradley Kuhn is a Free software activist, Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, and Board Member of the Free Software Foundation.