The rise of Free Software created opportunities for collaboration between individuals and organisations. Millions of individuals were seduced by the Free Software philosophy and the largest corporations made it part of their strategy. But the full potential created by this revolution is yet to be realized: Upstream University offers a training program aimed at helping professional developers contribute successfully and more efficiently to Free Software projects.
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OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta
The OpenStack Foundation is delivering a training program to accelerate the speed at which new OpenStack developers are successful at integrating their own roadmap into that of the OpenStack project. If you’re a new OpenStack contributor or plan on becoming one soon, you should sign up for the next OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta, May 10-11. Participation is strongly advised also for first time participants to OpenStack Design Summit.
Upun at the Open World Forum 2013
On Friday, October 4th 2013, Loic Dachary and Xavier Antoviaque will be presenting and discussing Upstream University at the Open World Forum.
University courses - Free Software Engineering (I2L) & IUT Blagnac
For the second year in a row, the Upstream University training will be part of the Free Software Engineering course (I2L) at the Université du Littoral (Calais, France), and for the first time at the IUT Blagnac as part of the Master ICE at the Université Toulouse 2 (Toulouse, France).
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